Our School Garden

Last year we started to make a garden in the school.  We were helped out by Marshalls the builders who laid all the slabs and built our raised beds ready for planting. Yesterday we all got into our old clothes and wellies to start digging our new garden.  First we had to remove all the weeds and level the ground, this was hard thirsty work, but we all got on with the job ready to put in the new plants.  Everyone dug a hole and put in a plant by themselves and then we got the watering cans to give them a drink.  It was a very hot day but we all enjoyed working in the sunshine, and think we have made a good start to the garden.  Have a look at our photos and see what a difference we have made already.  There is still lots to do, but we will give up updates as we gets more jobs done.


Karen the Dental Nurse Visits Windsor Park

On Friday 14th May we had a visit from Karen our Dental Nurse. Karen comes to Windsor Park to tell us how to we can look after our teeth. We know we have milk teeth when we are young and then our adult teeth come in. We have to look after our adult teeth because it is the last set we get.


                                               Milk Teeth                                                 Adult Teeth

If we eat lots of sugary drinks and food we will get tooth decay. Little bugs live in our mouth and they love to eat sugar. The sugar turns to yellow plaque and the little bugs eat away at our teeth until they go brown and black. The holes we can see are called cavities.


                                                                                     Tooth Decay and Cavities



Brushing our teeth proparly means we have to put a pea sized amount of toothpaste on our brushes and brush our teeth in little circles.  We have all been given a 2 minute timer to take home so we can time our brushing sessions in the morning and at night before we go to bed.



We should visit the dentist every 6 months so they can make sure we are keeping them clean. Our toothbrush should also be changed every 6 months. The hygienist is the person who gives our teeth a special clean at the dentist.  Sometimes our adult teeth come in squint so we need a brace from the orthodontist.







Falkirk Wheel Trip

On Tuesday Peter went to the Falkirk Wheel with his P2 class from Bantaskin.  We all walked from school and along the canal and seen some swans and ducks on the way. It took us a long time to walk and when we got there we had a play in the park (this was great fun). After we had lunch we went on the boat into the wheel and along the canal and turned back again. The man gave us lots of information about the wheel and we asked the lady some questions. When we came off the boat we had to hurry back to school before the bell went at 3pm. It was a great day and the sun shone for us. Check out some of the photos below.

Toy Profiles

The children each looked at lots of photographs of some soft toys. They each chose one they liked and were asked to complete a Toy Profile for their chosen photograph.
The children worked really hard on their profiles and when they returned them all the staff were delighted to see how much of an effort all the children had made. We used our profiles to help us create a Powerpoint presentation and we invited our family into school to watch us present our toy profiles. Room One was packed with lots of visitors and we each took it in turns to stand up and talk about our special toy. At the end of the presentations we were all presented with our very own toy!! The children were excited and went round all the guests showing off their new friend. It was a lovely afternoon and thank you to all the family members for helping making the day such a success!

Peter’s Treasure Hunt

Well, it wasn’t so much of a treasure hunt but a stapler hunt! Mrs Maley couldn’t find her stapler but someone had left us clues so we could find it again. A clue helps people find something.
Who do you think had taken the stapler?
Afterwards Peter wanted you to hear him read his new reading book ‘Ben’s Treasure Hunt’.
Please leave us a comment because we love to read them in class together.

Easter Egg Competition 2010

Today was the annual Easter Egg competition in Bantaskin. Matthew made a wonderful Darth Vader egg and Lucy made cute little baby egg. Unfortunately none of these eggs won but the children said they had lots of fun making their egg at home with their family! Here are some of the wonderful eggs entered into this years competition.

Matthew – 26th March 2010

Wilf went to visit my Gran and Granda after school He got lots of treats and cuddles from my sister. She was so delighted to see him I never got to see much of him but I knew Katy would look after him. On Saturday we had a great day, we had gymnastics then met some friends at the soft play which had giant slides. We had a great time but he was tired afterwards. We chilled on Saturday night playing family games and watching ‘Ant and Dec’. Wilf and I fell asleep on the couch. On Sunday we started the day playing with my friends in the street. After lunch Mum and Granny took us to the Falkirk Wheel. We walked along the canal but I had my bike. After a play at the park and cake at the cafe, we went back along the canal racing a boat, Mum jogged, I went on the bike and Wilf kept cosy in Katy’s buggy out the rain! We then had a play on the Wii doing a dance game before making our egg for the Easter Egg competition. What a busy day.

Simone – 12th March 2010

Off to Simone’s house tonight and after a snack we went to ‘Run, Jump and Throw’ club. I met all my school friends there again and got a big, happy cuddle from Matthew’s sister. Very tired when we got home so we had dinner and an early bed. On Saturday I went to the garden centre and I played a trick on Simone! I hid in the plant pots and she had to find me. I helped Simone and her Mummy choose some primroses for the garden and we went home to plant them. We played outside for a while then it was dinner time. On Sunday we woke Simone’s Mummy up very early to give her a beautiful pot with flowers. Simone and I had kept it a secret until today. It was a lazy day today and I had an afternoon nap. Mmm I love adventures!